Hi Robert, I have only surfed 150 sites and already got 2 referrals what's the secret I can surf all day on some sites and get a big fat{0} Thank you very much for a site that does what it says.... k storey

This one simple change to my thank you page proved to be one of the easiest ways to add significant numbers of new subscribers to my list.....Diane Hughes

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"Who Else Wants to Flood Their Opt-In List with NEW Subscribers Every Day"

Other list building services use pop ups as the means to generate the page views needed to promote your ezine. Pop ups are becoming less and less effective as a means of delivering any kind of results, simply because of the vast number of people online who use blockers. So we don't use them, we have a far better, more responsive method of delivering your subscribers.

HOW: We use thank you pages to promote each others ezines, thank you pages are without doubt the single most productive advertising media I have found.

This not only neutralises the pop up blocker problem it also pre-qualifies the subscribers that see your ezine ad.

  • We provide only opt-in subscribers.

  • new leads are automatically subscribed/added to your opt-in list

  • Potential subscribers will be reading short descriptions of your ezine this serves to sort, target and pre-qualify your opt-in subscribers.