I have seen bursts in the daily subscriber rates over 150, but it has been typically about 90-100 per day since August 2005. I've gotten 19,000 new subscribers in 7 months which is quite a testimonial for your service. thank you Robert ... Julian Kalmar  Los Angeles

All I can say is WOW!!
Since I buy tokens every month, I haven't been in here in a while and boy, let me tell you, I was REALLY surprised!!
Where did these signups come from??!! never mind I am thrilled that this is actually working!  Thanks for this great program - really impressed!... Gabriella Roth




Massive Referral contest for the Birthday bash re-launch of Advertising Know-How

Contest results below: if your name is in this list i added 1000 credits to your account Thank you for your efforts, to claim your free copy of Hits Clicks and misses please put in a contact request through the support desk and we will get Jon Olson to send you his "first ever real print book on traffic exchanges"

Username Referrals
startabiz 33
weeklymoneyflows 18
pajamacollar 14
potska 14
nailbiter 10
ben480 7
incbizz 6
nobills 5
johnguanzon 4
pearsonbrown 3